Boost your business with a YouTube channel

In 3 months, we will make a channel with top design, write scripts and shoot videos. To get more people to know about your business and attract new customers.

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YouTube is a great platform for business development

* According to USA Research Journal 2023

Ranks second

YouTube ranks second in popularity among search sites, right after Google


80% of YouTube users say the video helps them make a purchasing decision

Over 2 billion

YouTube has over 2 billion active users monthly

Will take care of all the tasks related to YouTube promotion

From creating a new channel or analyzing an existing channel to shooting and publishing a video

Analysis: We will…

  • Do a brand awareness analysis
  • Develop a channel management strategy

Preparation: We will…

Maintaining the channel: We will…

  • Take over directing the shooting
  • Shoot your video with a professional camera
  • Do editing
  • Provide an attractive channel design
  • Make an SEO description and publish your video

Reporting: We will…

  • Analyze conversions
  • Send a monthly report on the most important indicators

We work with short sprint runs

You will get the first views at the end of the first month of work. No need to wait six months to test hypotheses.

Monthly Schedule

Plan and coordinate the work cycle, perform them, analyze and set goals for the next sprint run
Regularly receive ready-made videos, views, audience, and new customers, dashboards, and analytics. You have full control over the work process

What will you get
in the end?

Your own YouTube channel with a cool design
Video Ideas & Promotion Strategy
Shorts of the best moments to increase reach
Video shooting by a team of professionals:
  • screenwriter
  • director
  • director of photography
  • film editor
  • sound producer
Video Scenarios
Reach and Growth of Recognition
Sales and traffic to the site directly from YouTube
Installation, SEO, tagging, and technical design of all videos
Own loyal community
New customers for your business

Sign up for a consultation and find out how YouTube can help your business

Get advice
All questions will be answered by
Skolkovo resident Roman Sergeev, MBA - entrepreneur, founder of, business analyst

You can only make cool content by understanding your consumer. YouTube makes it possible to achieve the most transparent picture: where the traffic comes from, how successful each video is, how many unique viewers you have on the channel, and how many viewers return after the first viewing. Well-organized marketing strategy does wonders.

Monitor trends and adjust content strategy
Expand into new markets with targeted messages
Strengthen brand awareness both organically and through paid promotion
Increase audience engagement and conversion rates
Scale your business through search indexing and audience loyalty

AIDA model

We use the expanded AIDA funnel. We not only attract customers but also work to retain them. It is important for us that the customer becomes a fan of the product and recommends it to their entourage.

YouTube helps businesses grow

* According to USA Research Journal 2023
80 %
of businesses have expanded their customer base with their YouTube channel
77 %
of companies agreed that YouTube helps customers learn about their products
78 million
unique Russian users access YouTube every month
49 minutes
the average user spends 49 minutes on YouTube every day

Our projects

We have experience in maintaining channels on various topics: from medicine to reviews on electric scooters

Reviews of electric scooters and gadgets
New subscribers
48 800subscribers
How we did it
Our Videos
Healthy Live
Channel about a healthy lifestyle
New subscribers
1 840 000subscribers
Our Videos
Business blog with animated summaries
New subscribers
476 000subscribers
How we did it
Our Videos
How to lead a full life with diabetes mellitus
New subscribers
4 000subscribers
How we did it
Our Videos
The official YouTube channel of your favorite Yuvelirochka TV channel!
New subscribers
10 900subscribers
How we did it
Our Videos
The Best Books Summaries
Over 1 million books are published annually. We show great ideas in an easy and exciting way.
New subscribers
1 880subscribers
Our Videos
Who we are?

Own YouTube channel with 500k subscribers

We know how to get the message across. Our journey began with a successful YouTube channel featuring animated summaries of non-fiction books.

With an audience of half a million and 21.6 million views, which is equivalent to 1.7 million hours or 195 years of viewing, we have mastered the art of wrapping complex information into a short viewer-friendly video.

200 summarized videos
of non-fiction books

  • Nassim Taleb
  • Daniel Kahneman
  • Jeffrey K. Liker
  • Radislav Gandapas
  • Maxim Batyrev
  • and many others…
21,6 million
views can our channel boasts
1,7 million
hours of content available

Who we’ve already worked with

Our Team

  • Creates YouTube promotion strategies
  • Analyses statistics, draws reports and KPIs
  • Increased customer video views by 50% in just one year
  • Used YouTube to increase customer ROI by 20% within just one year

MBA, Skolkovo and Innopolis resident

Roman Sergeev
Anas Alfaraj
  • Writes YouTube-adapted scripts
  • Works out the attractiveness and dynamics of the video
  • Elaborates mechanisms for retaining the viewer’s attention and stimulating interaction
  • Integrates call-to-action elements into scripts
Vyacheslav Gaidai
Ameur Rmida
Cameraman and editor
  • Develops videos according to the expanded AIDA funnel
  • Analyses key indicators at each stage of the funnel
  • Sets up end-to-end analytics, markups traffic

Uses metrics: reach, CTR, viewing time, CPA, CR, ROI, Retention Rate, Churn Rate, LTV, NPS, ROAS, ARPU, Dau/Mau

Alexander Egorushkov
Marketing Analyst
  • Creates music and audio images
  • Creates audio content for videos

Created unique audio landscapes for over 150 videos over the past year

Mikhail Yurov
Sound producer
  • Creates video covers
  • Creates visual content
  • Creates animation blocks to explain complex principles and themes

Digital artist and animator Boasts in-depth skills in digital art and design

Alyona Khalimonchuk
Motion designer
Shubham Singh

Let’s conduct a free YouTube audit of your business niche

  • We will find potential strategies for your niche
  • Will show successful cases — results and metrics
  • Will peek under the hood of YouTube mechanisms and technologies
  • Will help you understand whether this platform is suitable for your business
All questions will be answered by
Skolkovo resident Roman Sergeev, MBA - entrepreneur, founder of, business analyst
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